Create Advanced Animations in Photoshop: Timeline Panel Overview (part 1)
Timeline Panel Overview By opening the timeline panel (Window> Timeline), you can choose one of two types of timeline: video and frame animation. The latter is intended for frame-by-frame animation.…

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How to create a clipping mask in Photoshop
Using clipping mask for fonts Step 1: Create a new document in Photoshop. If the document will be used on the Internet, I recommend setting the resolution to 72. Next,…

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Create an amazing british style text effect (part 2)
8. Layer 3 Styles Double click on layer 3 to apply the following styles: Step 1 Add an Embossing style with the following parameter values: Style: "External bevel"; Check the…

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How to draw a realistic airplane (part 3)

Change the blur method from “Ring” to “Linear” and set the blur value to relatively low so that the effect is quite subtle. Apply this filter, and you get the mechanism for fixing the propeller blades in motion:
Select the rectangular area around the center of the blade attachment mechanism

Use “Radial Blur” with a relatively low value, the blur method is “Ring”

Apply Radial Blur to create the illusion of movement of the blade attachment mechanism
Step 3
Now we can add the blades themselves. They rotate faster than the central part of the fastening mechanism, so the blur effect should be stronger.

Using a soft brush of light gray color, draw a sharp elongated figure of the rotating blades. Then add a rectangular selection around it. Select the Radial Blur filter, and repeat the previous steps, but this time set a much higher value to enhance the effect. Continue reading

Create a shiny shield (part 3)

Step 27
After that, select the Move tool (V). Set the top layer Opacity to 24%. The figure below shows the final form of the “refl left mid” layer:
Step 28
Create a new layer on top of this layer – “refl top”. It should have approximately the same shape and be placed there, as shown in the figure below:
Go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur, set the “Radius” to 3 pixels:

Then add a layer mask to the “refl top” layer and use a soft black brush with an opacity of 50%, draw the bottom of the mask, as shown in the figure below: Continue reading

Blur up technique or blur background technique on boot (part 2)

The good thing is that the specifications for CSS and SVG are common, that is, we can use not only pre-prepared filters, but also create our own filters in SVG, and then write them in CSS:

.myThing {
filter: url (myfilter.svg # myCustomFilter);
The same filters are available when using backdrop-filter.

Finally, the filter () function. The idea is to bring all the specified image links in CSS through a set of filters. And we will embed our tiny header image using base64 dataURI and run it through the blur () filter: Continue reading

How to draw a realistic airplane (part 1)
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