A complete guide to retouching photos and sharing frequencies in Photoshop (part 3)
22. Lightening and darkening the skin We have smoothed out most of the dark and light areas, and this will allow us to restore the shadows and light areas exactly…

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Create a shiny shield (part 3)
Step 27 After that, select the Move tool (V). Set the top layer Opacity to 24%. The figure below shows the final form of the “refl left mid” layer: Step…

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Create a beautiful abstract portrait (part 1)
1. Preparation of the portrait Step 1 Create a new document with a size of 2000 by 2850 pixels, a resolution of 300 pixels, with a transparent background, and then…

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several options

How to draw a realistic airplane (part 3)

Change the blur method from “Ring” to “Linear” and set the blur value to relatively low so that the effect is quite subtle. Apply this filter, and you get the mechanism for fixing the propeller blades in motion:
Select the rectangular area around the center of the blade attachment mechanism

Use “Radial Blur” with a relatively low value, the blur method is “Ring”

Apply Radial Blur to create the illusion of movement of the blade attachment mechanism
Step 3
Now we can add the blades themselves. They rotate faster than the central part of the fastening mechanism, so the blur effect should be stronger.

Using a soft brush of light gray color, draw a sharp elongated figure of the rotating blades. Then add a rectangular selection around it. Select the Radial Blur filter, and repeat the previous steps, but this time set a much higher value to enhance the effect. Continue reading

How to remove background on image using Photoshop CS6

Delete the background quickly

Step 1
Use the Quick Selection tool to quickly select the elements that you want to save in the image. The tool looks like a brush with a small dotted ball at the end. This should be the fourth tool on top of the toolbar.

The Quick Selection tool automatically finds the borders near which you click, adding them to the selection:
Step 2
Click near the borders of the elements that you want to save. Click and scroll through the image, and the details that you want to save that are not the background will be highlighted. Continue until everything you need to save is included in the selection. Continue reading

Create Advanced Animations in Photoshop: Putting It All Together
How to create a watch with moving hands We use the template layer method to create a clock animation with rotating hands. And also apply layer styles to add depth…


Create an amazing british style text effect (part 3)
5. Adding crumbs Step 1 Create a work path from the text, create a new layer below layer 1, name it Crumbs and circle the outline with the Crumbs brush:…


Creating an Isometric Pixel Character (part 1)
1. Lines in pixel graphics These lines are the basis for the most common isometric style in pixel art. The style that we will use: This style is created by…


Creating a clean, modern website design in Photoshop (part 1)
Let's create a full-fledged website design layout in Photoshop. Let's start with the page layout, and then move on to designing its individual elements. The result will be a modern…