Creating Advanced Animations in Photoshop: Learning New Techniques (part 2)
Step 2: Layer Styles Applied to the Image as a Whole To fix this, I need to remove the white background. Earlier, I told you that we can modify a…

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Creating a clean, modern website design in Photoshop (part 1)
Let's create a full-fledged website design layout in Photoshop. Let's start with the page layout, and then move on to designing its individual elements. The result will be a modern…

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Creating a clean, modern website design in Photoshop (part 2)
Mark the end of the content by drawing a footer area on the screen. Fill this space with a light gray color to distinguish it from the main content area:…

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larger layer

Create a shiny shield (part 5)

Step 56
While holding down the CTRL key, click on the “ribbon front” layer to select it. Then create two layers named “ribbon front left refl” and “ribbon front right refl” on top of the “PREMIUM QUALITY” text layer.

Applying the same technique that we used earlier, subtract the necessary areas of selection with the Oval Tool, as shown in the figure. Then fill the selection with white:
Reduce the “Opacity” of both layers to 20%:

Step 57
While holding down the CTRL key, click on the “shield outer” layer to select it. Create a new layer under it called “shield shadow”, and fill the selection with black. Then, using the command Edit> Transform Path> Zoom, squeeze the black shape down: Continue reading

Create an amazing british style text effect (part 2)

8. Layer 3 Styles
Double click on layer 3 to apply the following styles:

Step 1
Add an Embossing style with the following parameter values:

Style: “External bevel”;
Check the box for the “Smoothing” option;
Backlight mode: “Linear light”;
Opacity: 10%;
Shadow Mode: Color: # a47a54, Opacity: 15%:

Step 2
Add a Contour style with the following parameter values: Continue reading

Create a beautiful abstract portrait (part 4)
Create another layer above, change its blending mode to Multiply and use the Clipping Mask (Command / Ctrl-Alt-G). Take a more saturated blue sample below the butterfly (indicated by a…


Create Advanced Animations in Photoshop: Putting It All Together (part 1)
Using a template layer with animating smart objects Since smart objects can contain several layers, we can create temporary layers, which helps us create more complex animations. For example, in…


Graphic programs for leisure and professional activities (part 2)
Drawing Programs Expanding the topic of graphic editors, it is impossible not to mention programs for drawing. Autodesk AutoCAD is a popular graphics drawing program. This editor supports two and…


How to create a Serbian national pattern: Kilim Pirot ornament (part 1)
1. Select items Step 1 There are five traditional components of Pirot Kilim - brushes, outer frame, rim, inner frame and main field. The outer and inner frames, as a…