Modern trends in building responsive design (part 1)
Search for the right words Recently, when developing a website design, terms have been used to describe methods for adapting the design. Vox Media, for example, presents its content as…

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How to create a Serbian national pattern: Kilim Pirot ornament (part 1)
1. Select items Step 1 There are five traditional components of Pirot Kilim - brushes, outer frame, rim, inner frame and main field. The outer and inner frames, as a…

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Create a shiny shield (part 3)
Step 27 After that, select the Move tool (V). Set the top layer Opacity to 24%. The figure below shows the final form of the “refl left mid” layer: Step…

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Create a beautiful abstract portrait (part 3)

5. Continue to change the blue elements
Select the Lasso tool and create some arbitrary shapes on top of the blue elements. To add them to the selection, hold the Shift key while creating shapes.

Next, press Command / Ctrl-Shift-C (copy with merge) and Command / Ctrl + V to paste all these elements above the existing layers. Now they are all in one layer, and we need to use the Lasso tool again and scatter them around the image.

While holding down the Command / Ctrl key, select a fragment and move it as shown in Figures 3 and 4.

To add depth to the background elements, select a few small pieces and randomly erase parts of their edges (Figure 4). You can use the Eraser tool or the Layer Mask tool for this: Continue reading

Create a beautiful abstract portrait (part 2)

Create a new layer above the woman’s face layer and change its blending mode to Multiply. Then select the Brush tool (B) and use the Eyedropper (Alt key) to take a skin color sample and draw the areas indicated in the figure (green arrows). In Figure 1 (the picture on the right) you can see how the tone has changed.

Create a new layer above the previous one and lighten the areas shown in Figure 2 a little to make the skin look more natural. You can use the Eraser tool to create smooth transitions between the skin and tinted areas:
Step 2
Use the same technique. But this time, paint over the eyes and the blue elements on the hair. For a new layer located above the previous one, use the same brush settings and paint over these areas with it. We need to overlap the textures from the original photo, for this we use a brush. Continue reading

Create a shiny shield (part 5)

Step 56
While holding down the CTRL key, click on the “ribbon front” layer to select it. Then create two layers named “ribbon front left refl” and “ribbon front right refl” on top of the “PREMIUM QUALITY” text layer.

Applying the same technique that we used earlier, subtract the necessary areas of selection with the Oval Tool, as shown in the figure. Then fill the selection with white:
Reduce the “Opacity” of both layers to 20%:

Step 57
While holding down the CTRL key, click on the “shield outer” layer to select it. Create a new layer under it called “shield shadow”, and fill the selection with black. Then, using the command Edit> Transform Path> Zoom, squeeze the black shape down: Continue reading

A complete guide to retouching photos and sharing frequencies in Photoshop (part 3)
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