Create Advanced Animations in Photoshop: Timeline Panel Overview (part 2)
Layer properties Let's look at the basic layer properties available for animation. The "Position" property allows you to move an object along the X and Y axes. The position of…

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Create an amazing british style text effect (part 2)
8. Layer 3 Styles Double click on layer 3 to apply the following styles: Step 1 Add an Embossing style with the following parameter values: Style: "External bevel"; Check the…

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How to create bright, colorful, juicy 3D in a summer way - text (part 1)
1. Create letter shapes Step 1 Create a document with a size of 1,500 by 1,500 pixels, and in the font Insaniburger write the first letter of the word in…

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animated avatar

How to create a Serbian national pattern: Kilim Pirot ornament (part 1)

1. Select items
Step 1
There are five traditional components of Pirot Kilim – brushes, outer frame, rim, inner frame and main field. The outer and inner frames, as a rule, are monophonic, and the rim and the main field are the most colorful parts of Pirot kilim.

In the image below, the brushes are white, the outer and inner frames are black, the rim has a white background with red and blue decorative elements, and the main field is a multi-colored rectangle in the middle, with a red background, black and blue elements: Continue reading

Create a beautiful abstract portrait (part 1)

1. Preparation of the portrait
Step 1
Create a new document with a size of 2000 by 2850 pixels, a resolution of 300 pixels, with a transparent background, and then open the image of a woman and drag it into the document.

Select the Fill tool (G), press the Alt key to switch to the Eyedropper, and then select a light shade of the background color of the woman’s image. Then fill the transparent background layer with this color (Figure 2).

Next, select the “Brush” tool, set “Press” – 50%, “Hardness” – 100% and set the brush color to black. Add a mask to the woman’s layer and wipe her body with a black brush, as shown in Figure 3: Continue reading

Modern trends in building responsive design (part 1)

Search for the right words
Recently, when developing a website design, terms have been used to describe methods for adapting the design. Vox Media, for example, presents its content as existing in a river stream. And in accordance with this, its change and flow can be stopped at certain points. Here’s how they describe the homepage:

Content flows around the “stones” and “thresholds”, which are the list of “Most Commented Entries” or the “Popular Videos” panel. Often this behavior remains unchanged in the new layout system, but the main difference lies in the additional context layer. Elements in the river should be positioned in such a way as to maximize the diversity of content on Vox. Each element is displayed differently, depending on its type and neighboring elements. Continue reading

Creating a clean, modern website design in Photoshop (part 2)
Mark the end of the content by drawing a footer area on the screen. Fill this space with a light gray color to distinguish it from the main content area:…


How to draw a realistic airplane (part 2)
Next, duplicate the circle, paint over black and resize it so that the new circle fits into the outer ring of the gray circle. Then duplicate the black circle again.…


Create an amazing british style text effect (part 1)
1. Background creation Step 1 Create a new document with a size of 838 by 530 pixels. Place the “Texture: Wood floor” image on top of the background layer and…


How to create a Serbian national pattern: Kilim Pirot ornament (part 2)
Then add small rectangles located at an angle of 45 degrees, as shown in the middle figure, and place small triangles at their ends, as shown in the right figure:…