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VPN Basic Concepts and Classification
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Vertical text direction in web design - good use cases
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How to attract customers? 5 effective online advertising tools.

“Where to buy the goods?”, “Who should I order the service from?”, “Which company should I contact?” Your potential customers can find many answers to these questions, and there should be only one – your company.

If the first thing potential customers remember or meet as a result of a search when a need arises, there will be the name of your company, most likely they will cooperate with it. This means that in the future the number of sales and profits from the business will increase. To achieve such results, you need to correctly use advertising tools that will inevitably lead customers to you.

In this article we will consider the main types of advertising and those situations in which the ratio of costs to results will be the smallest.
This article is useful if you plan to start an advertising campaign, but have not yet selected channels and advertising tools. The article will be interesting to beginners in the field of Internet marketing, PR and advertising, those who want to get an excellent result from advertising on the Internet.

All advertising tools are divided into 2 types:
Offline advertising: outdoor advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, advertising in elevators, etc.
Online advertising – advertising on the Internet. We’ll talk about it in more detail.
Comparison of offline and online advertising:
Offline Online Option
The ability to track performance Difficult!
You will not get accurate data about who exactly saw your ad, how many of them have become your customers, what kind of people they were (gender, age, their hobbies) Easy!
You get accurate information: how many people saw your ad, where they came from, whether they made an order on the site. By placing the same banner on different advertising platforms, you will find out which one gave you more customers
Target Audience Difficult!
Only market research will give you the answer which of the tools will work for your target audience, which radio station your customers listen to, what TV channels they watch Easy!
An online advertising campaign is tailored to your target audience.
Also, using online services, you yourself can assess the demand for your goods and services and understand what else they are looking for along with your product
Possibility of adjustment Difficult!
It’s almost impossible to make adjustments to an already launched advertising campaign. Imagine that you placed an advertisement on billboards throughout the city and noticed that the old phone number was indicated in the layout. Making corrections will take considerable time. Easy!
To adjust a banner or ad posted on the Internet will take no more than half an hour

Internet marketing tools are less costly, targeted at your target audience and, therefore, more effective.

1. Display Advertising
Display advertising – placement of graphic advertisements (banners) on thematic sites. When you click on a banner, the user goes to your site. Display advertising is similar to outdoor advertising or print advertising.

Payment Models:

Pay per click CPC.
Payment for the placement period.
The purposes of using display advertising:
Reaching a large audience
reinforcement of offline advertising;
market launch of a new product or service;
formation of the image of a company or brand;
attracting new customers if you have a mass product or service.
Display effect
Recognition is increasing.
The demand for new goods and services is being formed.
You get new customers.

How to increase the effectiveness of display advertising?
Choose the right advertising sites. Think about which theme sites might be of interest to your target audience. In many ways, YandexMetrica analytics and Google Analytics can help you, which will show the interests of visitors to your site. The service of traffic analysis of your competitors’ websites will be useful. Test placement helps to choose the most effective sites. How to compare the effectiveness of online sites, read in our article “Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising sites on the Internet. Easy!”
Correctly choose the placement of the banner on the site. The banner in the header of the site is always more expensive, because it catches the eye of users, attracts their attention. The farther the banner is from the “1st screen” (the part of the site that is visible without scrolling when you enter the site), the lower its effectiveness and the cheaper it is.
Prepare a creative banner. The more attractive the banner, the more people will click on it to your site. Your message should attract a visitor in 3 seconds. Do not overload the banner with text, leave only the most important information.

Display Examples

The effectiveness of banners is evaluated using the CTR, or clickthrough rate (from the English click-through rate).
CTR is the ratio of clicks to impressions, expressed as a percentage.

If the CTR is high:

Your banner is liked by the audience;
You have chosen the right site, i.e. it has a high share of your target audience.
CTR of animated banners in Runet ranges from 0.01 to 2%.

For more information on display advertising, see our article “What is display advertising?”

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