Turbologo - an online service for creating logos
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The pros and cons of black kitchen cabinets cincabinets.com.
The allowable marginal cost of the targeted action of the visitor on the site.
Website performance is measured not by the site’s position in the TOP, and not by the number of visitors, although most often site owners track and pay for these metrics.…

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How to write articles. To help copywriters
Today, more and more people are trying themselves in copywriting. This is both good and bad. Good - because, as they say, the more professional the party, the more interesting…

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Website promotion: how to get real results

After the work on SEO-optimization, the sales department was “cut off” by inappropriate calls. The contextual contractor regularly “masters” the budget, but there are no more applications. The PR man writes in FB and VK, but there are still no sales from social networks.

What to do? Frustrated with internet promotion? Change the contractor? Let it go on its own? First you should exhale and understand the causes of failure.

High expectations
In Russia, thousands of companies and even more freelancers are engaged in Internet promotion. Internet technologies are constantly being improved, that’s why SEO-optimizers, SMMs, media people, etc. Usually they are narrow specialists who are well versed in complex tools.

But! Being a professional in their field of knowledge, they are not always ready to immerse themselves in the client’s business. Therefore, they often offer a unified set of tools, sharpened for an average company, with a slight correction for the actions of its competitors on the network.

Disappointment in the results of work occurs when the customer unreasonably expects the contractor to have a deep understanding of his business and at the same time to formulate tasks independently. Not all “promoters” are ready to enter the Internet marketing market.

How to be

Fully take control into your own hands or look for a contractor who will provide systemic Internet marketing.

A systematic approach instead of a toolbox
The basis of a systematic approach is the ability to correlate the marketing goals of a company with a palette of opportunities for Internet promotion, to obtain results that work for global business goals.

What gives a systematic approach?

Clear and measurable goals for online promotion that work for business goals.
Objective control of intermediate results.
Significant results of promoting the company on the Internet.
What is the essence of systemic internet marketing?

The goals of promoting a company on the Internet are correlated with the business goals of the company.
An Internet marketing strategy is developed based on the analysis of accumulated data and taking into account the market situation.
The strategy involves several development scenarios and forecasts, taking into account the budget options for Internet marketing.
The media plan is compiled on the basis of an online promotion strategy (for 6-12 months).
The areas of responsibility and KPI of the work of the entire team involved in the promotion are clearly defined.
Measurements of the effectiveness of all tools and deviations from the intended goals, adjustment of actions or strategies are regularly conducted.
How to understand that the contractor uses a systematic approach?
Asks the questions “Why?”
If you come with the request “We need first place in the issuance” or “We need more traffic”, the contractor should ask: “Why?”.

Because in itself traffic or the first place in the issuance is nothing if it is not converted into orders from the site.
If the contractor understood what the customer wants, he will offer several options for achieving the goal. For example, “increase visibility for certain groups of queries” with the refinement of these groups based on research, etc.
If a person does not ask questions, but immediately sets to work, wait for a place in the top according to general requests, which is unlikely to give a flurry of real orders.

Suggests identifying metrics that are specific to your business.
How will you measure success? And in what can it be measured at all?

Often, customers follow the lead of contractors, agreeing to incomprehensible reports in “conditional Yandexmetrics”. If for you the success of the site is the number of real orders, do not settle for less. Require instead of positions in the top 10 of search results to evaluate the number of transactions from the site; instead of the number of visitors who came for high-frequency requests, consider the number of calls to your target audience, etc.

Otherwise, there is a risk of getting an incomprehensible paper report with beautiful numbers and a real void in the CRM system.

Uses a wide arsenal of tools and selects the most effective
You can treat cough with hot tea. There will be no harm, but also no use. And you can see a doctor, find out the cause and treat a specific bronchitis, allergy or pneumonia. Like a doctor, an internet marketer has a huge arsenal of promotion tools. Choose adequate “diagnosis” – this is professionalism.

It is very conditionally possible to distribute popular Internet marketing tools by stages of interaction. However, there are much more options for segmentation and the grounds for choosing specific tools in reality.

Promotion tool selection map

Choosing Internet Promotion Tools

The choice of tools is influenced by many factors: the method and speed of decision-making, the level of necessary expert knowledge of the seller, features of user behavior on the network, etc. Strategies and promotion methods for b2b and b2c markets are very different.

If the contractor knows your super-goal and sees that one of the channels is not effective enough, then it offers others that will also work to solve the general problem. For example, you can achieve brand fame not only with display advertising, but also using SMM, blogs, referral links or maintaining a column in the media.

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