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How to get more search visibility using other people’s resources

Whatever niche you work in, there are probably dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of other sites of similar subjects. Some are your direct competitors, with others your interests overlap partially. Most resources, most likely, will be from the category of content projects: media, blogs, forums and others.

Although such sites are almost always monetized by selling ads, rather than goods or services, you are still competitors in one very important area. Namely: the attention of the target audience.

But, unlike competing entrepreneurs, other people’s information sites can be used to their advantage. Get with their help additional points of contact in the issuance, audience attention, transitions of potential customers and increased brand awareness.

How exactly to do this – I will tell further. But first, let’s deal with the question of not “how,” but “why.”

Why you should not be limited to work only with your site
Concentration of efforts on the development of one project is the right decision. But the narrower the niche, the faster you will encounter a ceiling of growth.

One landing page receives only part of the possible search demand, and you cannot create several pages for the same key groups, there is a risk of cannibalizing queries.

This is just one of the reasons why you should expand your niche coverage with external resources. But there are other, no less weighty arguments in favor of such work:

Risk diversification. If for some reason the position of your site in the SERP begins to decline, you will still receive additional clicks from pages on other resources.
Increase niche reach. More pages mentioning your brand in search results = more points of contact with the target audience. With competent work, you can get at the right request not one position in the issuance, but two or three or even more.
Diversity of the audience. Some segments of the audience prefer only certain types of content, for example, there are people who most often watch videos rather than read texts. Or instead of search engines they prefer social media feeds.
Competitive advantage. The more actively you work on organizing your presence on third-party resources, the greater the advantage you get over competitors who ignore this area.
Despite the additional time and budget costs, the benefits of such a strategy for a business are obvious.

A bit of hardware: the main way to expand contact points in the issuance
The basis of such a model is the adaptation of existing and the creation of new content for various third-party platforms that are present in the issuance of your specific requests. The algorithm is simple, and it can be described in several steps:

We analyze the search results for targeted queries.
We define it on sites where you can create landing pages for your goals (company profile, adding an article, publishing a portfolio, etc.).
We create the desired page and optimize it for targeted queries or brand name. The content may be text, images, videos, or combinations thereof, depending on the particular platform.
If resources allow, you can additionally pump over such pages by purchasing backlinks to them. In combination with internal optimization and the trust of the external sites themselves, this will allow them to provide higher positions and receive more traffic.

Let’s move on to practice: start with social networks
The easiest and cheapest way to get additional positions in the SERP is to create pages on social networks. It’s free and takes a minimum of time, and all the expenses that await you are the cost of the designer’s work when creating covers and avatars. But if desired, this can be done independently.

They get into the SERP quite quickly, and if you add here information on the local SERP, this may make it possible to occupy the entire first screen, if not the entire first page of the issue:

Social media pages in search results

Moreover, you can not be limited only to those social networks with which you plan to work actively, but to register representative offices on other popular platforms. It is enough to set up reposts there, and plus a few positions in the organics will already increase.

Attention on YouTube. Long, expensive, but promising
In RuNet, work with video format remains the destiny of only a small percentage of players. It is believed that it is long, difficult and better to stay on the channels easier. To some extent, it is, but the potential profit is worth the effort.

YouTube is actually a search engine with elements of a social network. And, in addition to the ability to attract the platform’s internal audience, the presence of the channel provides another important advantage: videos are also shown for search queries and in organic search results:

Organic Search YouTube Movies

Thus, you significantly increase the potential for attracting traffic through active work in this direction.

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