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Web design and development Brisbane from your local web experts.
Anonymous proxies
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What is CTA: Real Hypnosis in Selling Texts

Call To Action (CTA) or in another way a call to action, the target action is a way of concentrating the user’s attention on the implementation of certain actions. This is an element without which it is simply impossible to imagine the correct operation of a resource.

Any site on the Internet has very specific goals:

a blog or news portal – attracting traffic, repeated visits or visits from bookmarks, subscription to newsletters;
online store or service – receiving leads (calls), purchasing goods, ordering services (if payment is possible);
offline business – customer visits, office calls, etc.
CTA indicates to the potential customer the action that the owner of the resource expects from him.

What tasks does the CTA solve?

gives users instructions – what exactly needs to be done: order, call, come to the office or something else;
has a psychological effect. It as an element of hypnosis – makes the user do what you want;
stimulates buying activity, if you indicate a restriction or give some kind of bonus.
Most often, a call to action is made out in the form of a phrase or graphic element (button) that “push” the user to perform a certain action – a call, purchase, application, registration, etc.

As it usually happens, just “sticking” that same coveted phrase or button with a targeted action on the page is not enough. The result directly depends on the relevance and attractiveness of the proposal, location, design of the CTA, and most importantly – the submission! Here are 25 examples of targeted action – evaluate, choose, apply on your website:

The first figure. Buttons
Get contact details
Now we will consider situations when the user is required to send contact information. So, how to get customer contact using CTA?

One of the most common options is the usual contrasting color button with a simple and clear phrase “Leave a request.” Do not forget to specify for which service or product a potential client should leave an application:

Offer your customers a free demonstration / fitting of goods by click. Here’s an example of an unusual call to action for a jewelry store:

If the service you provide is quite expensive or complicated, you can get a lead using the proposal for calculating the cost:

If a “forehead” sale is inappropriate due to the complexity of the service, then offer a consultation to start.

Two examples at once:

4.1. You can do it quite simply and put the capture button directly under the tariffs (do not forget to specify the most popular or just the best option):

4.2. You can increase the loyalty and trust of customers by introducing them previously to those who will carry out the consultation:

Try to offer in addition to a service or product a pleasant, useful, and most importantly, free bonus.

Sale from the site
Now let’s talk about how to make the standard Buy button more attractive.

The easiest way is to put a “magic rectangle” right under each tariff / item. The word action itself can be different: “buy”, “choose”, “to basket”, “order”, etc.

To stimulate a click on a button, offer something else, such as bonuses on a card.

For inexpensive goods, the decision on which is made pretty quickly (clothes, for example), quick order buttons work well:

So that the user understands how much he will need to pay for a product or service, you can indicate the cost immediately on the button. Another important rule: if you offer an alternative CTA (sometimes it is necessary) – then make visual accents on the most important:

Button options for other actions on the site
Let’s say your product requires segmentation of the target audience. For example, it is suitable not only for farmers, but also for fishermen or hunters, and if you have arguments for each of them, you can make a list on the page for identification.

In order to register on the site, now it is absolutely not necessary to enter mail and think up a password. You can synchronize work with the resource through social networks. It is very, very convenient.

If you are trying to convey some complicated thought to the user or present a completely new product that no one has heard of before, a call to action in the form of watching a video is an excellent solution.

The second figure. Lack of button
If your business involves working with a client by phone or live, in a store, for example, then on the site it is absolutely not necessary to put buttons. It will be enough to visually highlight the target action that the visitor of the resource should perform.

Ask the customer to call you back. During the conversation, you can clarify all the necessary information in order to fill out an application, talk about the uniqueness or quality of your product and even more convince the customer of the need to purchase.

Invite a potential buyer to your office or store so that he can see, choose, evaluate and, of course, buy a product or apply for a service.

You can put the CTA directly on the card to make it clear where to look for you.

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