Internet fraud
A proverb says: "Forewarned - means armed." Not listening to her is stupid. Nowadays, the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in people's lives, and is of undoubted benefit.…

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The allowable marginal cost of the targeted action of the visitor on the site.
Website performance is measured not by the site’s position in the TOP, and not by the number of visitors, although most often site owners track and pay for these metrics.…

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Personal Data Security
What is personal information and why does the state develop entire laws designed to protect such data? Imagine that you are making an order online. In the process of forming…

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Turbologo – an online service for creating logos

For a company, a company logo is not just an element of style. This, in fact, is its business card on the market, which stands out among competitors. A well-thought-out name, slogan and logo increase brand awareness and build the trust of potential buyers.

When developing a logo, it does not always make sense to spend money on a super expensive professional designer. If you are just starting a business and want to start up as quickly as possible, using a unique identifier and not spending a significant part of the start-up capital, you can try creating a logo in Turbologo online designer ( The project has several interesting features, which we will discuss below.

This online service for creating a logo uses machine learning technologies and other algorithms to select fonts and emblems that meet the expectations of users and their requests. Everything is as fast as possible, there is no need to spend time coordinating with designers, waiting for a set of basic sketches, etc.

Among the main features of the resource, we highlight the following:

1. The image library contains over a million emblems! Their number is replenished every day, so any person will find something suitable for their taste. Icons are created by people from all over the world.

2. After completing all the settings, a preview is displayed. It shows how the logo will look on the box, sign, documents, etc. If the result does not suit you, you can return to the previous step and choose another. And all this without any additional bills for each next option.

3. The service has not only Latin, but also Cyrillic fonts, so creating an online logo in Russian in Turbologo is not a problem. Add them to your company name and tagline. It is allowed to change the font settings during operation.

4. The archive of the paid order includes SVG files. If necessary, you can open them in a graphical editor and make the necessary changes yourself. This approach helps to “finish” minor flaws; moreover, the vector is used in any size without loss of quality. By the way, in the maximum configuration, a whole series of other useful graphics is also provided: a business card layout, favicon, pictures for social networks, letterhead / envelopes, etc.

5. As we said above, working in an online logo designer does not take much time, while a professional freelance designer needs at least several days to complete the task. In Turbology, users receive a unique image in a few minutes, which is selected according to the needs of a particular person.

After going to the designer page, a form will appear to fill out the name and slogan. Invent and enter them in the appropriate fields. It is worth remembering three recommendations on naming:

The simpler the better. The name should be easy to read and understandable. Then they will remember him.
The text should not cause negative emotions. Good – tea “Conversation”, bad – plastic studio “You sit down.”
The logo can reflect the activities of the company (example: Planet Sushi cafe). It’s easier to understand what she does and / or what she sells.
It is not necessary to invent a slogan, but with it brand positioning will look more attractive. A good slogan in one short sentence conveys the goals and objectives of the company.

At the next step, decide on the palette of future design. Based on the selected colors, several varieties of logos are generated. This step is allowed to be skipped and returned to it later.

The choice of colors for the logo
Enter a keyword in the line to open the list of icons. In addition to Russian-speaking keywords, we recommend using English as well – this will allow you to find more interesting options.

Add the three most suitable pictograms. You can mark only one or two icons, but then the variety of results will not be so great.

Icon selection for logo
Choose your favorite instance. If none of them you liked, go to the end of the tape. There is a window for generating new variations.

Logo Generation Results
After choosing a logo, a preview will appear – on the images you can see how it will look on documents, business cards, etc. If you like the result, proceed to pay for the order. To do this, click “Download” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Type of logo on business cards and letterhead
If desired, you can edit individual elements of the created layout. For example, change the font or text size, color, etc. – just open the desired tab on the top panel.

Editing a logo in Turbologo
There are three payment options in the online Turbology designer, each of them has a different set of files:

“Light” – 690 rubles. Contains one image in raster format on a colored background. This will be enough for Web’s requests, but you won’t be able to scale it for printing in high quality – you need an SVG format.

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