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Top Web Design Articles, Downloads, and Inspiration

We continue the annual tradition and publish the most interesting notes for the “last season”. Earlier in Design Mania, you could already see a similar article for 2017 and a selection of the best posts in 2016. It seems to us that such a digest allows you to quickly view the most relevant materials and, possibly, save something for yourself in bookmarks.

For your convenience, the entries are grouped according to different topics that correspond to the sections of the blog: there are notes about logos, web design in general, icon / font archives, templates, textures, useful sevries and programs, and, of course, inspiring graphics. In total, about 55 links turned out, which completely coincides with last year’s indicators. In 2019, we hope to slightly increase their number + to finish updating the design of the project.

10 logo 2018 trends – this includes such techniques as: simplification of forms / images, vertical texts, negative space, gradients, etc.
Self-creation of a logo is an excellent step-by-step manual on how to develop an identity, starting with sketches, rendering, and ending with the presentation.
Turbologo – a web service for quickly creating logos: choosing colors, characters, graphics settings, etc. (main features and demonstration of work).
The best logo with overlapping – a selection of elements where overlays are found on top of each other. With the right approach, it looks creative and modern.
Hotel logos – collected for you 60 of the most interesting and relevant examples of the identity of world hotels (not all of them are real, but they look good).
How to make a color palette – a detailed instruction on how to create a color gamut from the interface of an application or website from scratch (step-by-step algorithm + tips).
The ideal landing page is the development of the landing page, taking into account successful decisions of competitors: block caps, headers, footer, the use of illustrations and other issues.
Creating a furniture site – what are the main points in the design that you should pay attention to, real examples and typical mistakes.
The advantages of a minimalist style are 7 main advantages of this style in web design.
Improving the registration form – 4 useful tips on the topic: social chips, more security, fewer fields and explanations for users.
7 typography trends – what trends were popular when creating web typography in the past year: large headlines, selected text, vertical letters, etc.
UI designs in different countries – it was interesting to look at the tricks and distinguishing features used for interfaces in Japan, China, the USA, etc.
Developing pencil drawing skills – we continue to publish lessons for those who want to learn how to draw, in this article there are 5 additional exercises to those discussed earlier.
How to draw a Christmas tree is an interesting New Year’s post in which we talked about how to gradually and easily depict a Christmas tree (contains video + links to lessons + translation of one of them).
CSS hover effects – a feature of the reaction of page elements on hover (for pictures, buttons, links, etc.). There are code examples, libraries, and other useful information.
Clickable background – how to make a substrate for a website through HTML, CSS, JS, which, when clicked on, would redirect the user to another URL.
Among all the usefulnesses of the section, the most turned out to be icons, followed by fonts and templates, and in “different” you will find one link to brushes, textures, styles and cliparts. Perhaps this year we will make smaller collections, but more often.


Autumn Icons – 50+ quality sets with leaves and thematic graphics.
Beautiful stars – archives, collections of elements in PNG and vector, search on special sites.
Flags of countries – collected materials (about 30 pieces) of PNG / ICO formats and various sizes.
Icons of applications and software – updating the old blog post, where we added more than 40 of the best free kits.
Weather icons – more than 60 thematic archives for Photoshop and not only.
Christmas tree icons – in vector and in the form of transparent PNG images, here we managed to find as many as 70+ sets / drawings.

20 new fonts 2017 – this entry was published at the very beginning of January, so we reviewed the developments over the past year.
Font typewriter – for Word / Photoshop, only 45+ pieces, including typewritten Russian versions.
55+ font horror – just before Halloween they posted a set of scary and terrible fonts.

Monstroid 2 – a review of the functionality of a universal theme for WordPress + a detailed description of the installation process.
Restaurant Templates – 40+ design options for web resources on different CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) or pure HTML. The note will have both free and premium themes.
Minimalistic MotoCMS templates – if you work with this system, then a selection of stylish designs will come in handy.

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