VPN Basic Concepts and Classification
The term VPN (Eng. "Virtual Private Network") refers to a group of technologies that provide a network connection, or the so-called logical network, functioning on top of some other network,…

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Mailto - HTML
In order to somehow dilute the design theme, let's look at another layout lesson today - a lot of time has passed since the previous post about CSS hover effects.…

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How to make a website footer: design options, why you need it, tips
Home »Web Design» How to make a footer of a site: design options, why it is needed, tips How to make a website footer: design options, why you need it,…

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If you blocked the site at work

So a person is arranged that the productivity of his activity is directly related to how often he rests, how much time he devotes to relaxation.

Any office employee during the working day gets tired more morally than physically, because conflict situations, decision making, creative manifestations and even just continuous monotonous work, you see, are unlikely to have a positive impact on labor efficiency. We all like these or those sites where we strive to look at a free time, someone prefers forums, and someone likes to chat in a chat.

All this applies to stress relievers, relaxation, stress relievers, helps to be distracted for a short time, so that we can take on the tasks and goals set by the company with renewed vigor. And, of course, all of the above applies to those cases when this is not to the detriment of the work itself. But we are increasingly faced with misunderstanding and prohibitions from our employers, which is confirmed by the emerging boom of blocking social networks for access from the workplace, in particular the most popular, such as Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte.

Our resource offers you the opportunity to overcome various types of restrictions, bypass network locks Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte, offers a number of services and services for covert and secure surfing on the Internet.

Anonymizer (aka web proxy) is specially designed to ensure maximum anonymity when using the Internet, making it impossible to track your network activity from the outside. After all, the essence of the anonymizer’s work is that it replaces user data (for example, IP address) with server data, requests are transmitted through the proxy itself. Thus, if you’ve been taken away from the opportunity to visit Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte or any other site, the IP address is on the “black list” or you want to use the Internet freely in the incognito mode, then the anonymizer is exactly what you need.

Among other things, the capabilities of our anonymizer provide support for any interactive website elements (music, video, games). You only need to enter the necessary url in the field and click “Hide ME”.

Another common tool for safe and secretive surfing the Internet is proxy servers. They come in several forms and differ in functionality. The main varieties include:

HTTP proxy – this view supports the HTTP protocol, and with its help you can visit web pages and upload files. Mostly used for browsers.
Socks proxy is a special type of server with more extensive capabilities than the previous type, and the additional features of which include the ability to connect via TCP / IP protocol. While the Socks5 version already supports UDP.
In addition, proxy sheets are paid and free, and the choice of one or another is determined by its advantages or disadvantages for the user. So, let’s say, paid servers are distinguished by more stable operation and the ability to select a server according to the required criteria. While free, which are not inferior in some respects to the same paid servers, have their drawbacks in the form of low speed and frequent crashes, short working hours.
Our resource offers an extensive assortment of proxy lists (both paid and free, and the free list of proxies is limited only by the quantity, not the quality of the proxies themselves) of all the above types, with the ability to select a country / city, speed and other data. For yourself, you can always find a fresh and working proxy.

Today, the use of any anonymous proxy does not protect completely personal data from the provider, which has access to it in view of the passage of all traffic through the proxy server. And only the establishment of a VPN connection (Eng. Virtual Private Networks or in Russian Virtual Private Network) provide the exceptional anonymity of the transmission and reception of information, because All data is encrypted.

At its core, VPN is software that creates a personal virtual network. This is a kind of add-on that can protect against spyware, creates the complete illusion of working from a real computer, and also fully emulates work without intermediate servers. VPN technology allows you to connect a number of local networks to create a unified digital space.

We are pleased to inform you that all users of our site have access to the VPN service for a secure connection to the global network. We meet our customers, and for this purpose, the whole mechanism for using the VPN is simple, intuitive, affordable. You can choose from which country to access (Russia or Germany), while access is granted immediately to both servers, without any surcharge (in contrast to other services). Also, the cost of the VPN itself is the lowest on the Internet and will remain so until a limited number of regular users are recruited.

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