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What is a firewall and why is it needed?

We will not go into little things like translating words, occupying them some part of the article. Just point out that a firewall (from the English – fire wall), or as it is also called brandmauer (with German – fire wall) in Russian has two names that display its purpose (inter) firewall. This is a screen that protects the user from influences coming from outside. When connecting to the Internet, having a firewall is not a luxury, and indeed such a risk is hardly justified, it will most likely lead to raking up a bunch of viruses, or even just to reinstall the system.

In addition, the firewall performs the function of blocking access by unauthorized persons to your computer via the network. This is not to say that the standard Windows Firewall is bad, it is quite suitable for the initial level of protection. But this is if you do not store important information on your computer or do not work with means of payment via the Internet. If you are interested in the security of your data, then changing the Firewall will not be a stupid idea. Our article, in fact, is written based on what would help you, ordinary users, to choose a firewall that suits you.

Given that not only Windows users will find this article useful, we will indicate the OS with which this or that firewall works at the beginning of the story about it. And in order not to do empty work, we will use the rating of Firewalls, which was submitted by matousec.com, selecting in this rating only the best and best Firewalls. However, we immediately note the fact that the rating of the site is somewhat biased. They considered comprehensive computer protection, not just the effectiveness of the Firewall itself. Therefore, what Matousec was identified as not the best can be filed on this list in view of its relevance.

Popular Firewall for Windows OS
Previously, this Russian development included only the Firewall, but a couple of years passed and the antivirus and various useful utilities were included in the package. Use separately does not make sense, since only the full range provides a high level of protection. This protection package is paid (it was previously free and you can find its outdated, but free versions are possible). However, it is worth noting that we do not pay for the pig in a poke, but for a specific list of advantages.

Comodo firewall
The best among firewalls to date. Passes any checks without problems, provides a huge number of protective functions, which can be enumerated indefinitely. Its main drawback is the English language of the interface and the lack of a Russian version. But at the same time, even the English interface is easy to understand and this Firewall is an excellent thing, easy to use and understand.
The developer’s site will not give you too much information regarding this wonderful free Firewall, however if you are interested in Comodo Fireval.
Outpost firewall
A great example of a paid firewall. It provides a huge number of protective functions: it monitors the registry, blocks the launch of software from unknown sources, blocks possible threats, blocks unidentified and suspicious connections. At the same time, this Firewall has two important advantages: a training mode that will open all the functions and explain their purpose to the user and that it was released by a Russian company, which means it is made in Russian. The only drawback is that it is paid and the price is 1099 rubles (full license for one computer).

Famous Firewall for Linux
This is an example of a great high-level access tincture tool for Linux. It uses a simple and human-readable method for setting the security of a network filter. It was built on the basis of several different Firewalls, combining them into a single mechanism. It is a free product that is updated quite often and works more than efficiently.

InJoy Firewall
This free Firewall is perhaps one of the best for Linux OS. It functions stably, has a large number of settings (each is accompanied by examples) and several templates of operating modes. It integrates perfectly on any server preventing it from falling and cutting off connections aimed at the server “blocking”.

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