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Creating an Isometric Pixel Character (part 2)
Create a new layer. To make the eyes, we simply use two pixels, and one empty pixel between them. Step one pixel away from one eye, draw a vertical line:…

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Creating an Isometric Pixel Character (part 1)
1. Lines in pixel graphics These lines are the basis for the most common isometric style in pixel art. The style that we will use: This style is created by…

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Create a shiny shield (part 1)
Step 1 Open in Adobe Photoshop a new file (File> New) with the settings shown in the figure below. Save the file under the name “Shield.psd“. During operation, do not…

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How to create a Serbian national pattern: Kilim Pirot ornament (part 2)

Then add small rectangles located at an angle of 45 degrees, as shown in the middle figure, and place small triangles at their ends, as shown in the right figure:
Coloring Element “The Devil’s Knees”
After you smooth and round the corners, you can use the command Edit> Transform> Flip Vertically to complete the shape of the element. Decorate the Devil’s Knees with large triangles in the upper and lower parts of the element and several small triangles in the center, as shown in the figure below.

As you noticed, all elements use the same methods and very simple shapes. Their combination gives a variety of ornaments:
3. Creating a frame and auxiliary elements
Step 1
Let’s create some frames for the ornament. Continue reading

How to create a Serbian national pattern: Kilim Pirot ornament (part 1)

1. Select items
Step 1
There are five traditional components of Pirot Kilim – brushes, outer frame, rim, inner frame and main field. The outer and inner frames, as a rule, are monophonic, and the rim and the main field are the most colorful parts of Pirot kilim.

In the image below, the brushes are white, the outer and inner frames are black, the rim has a white background with red and blue decorative elements, and the main field is a multi-colored rectangle in the middle, with a red background, black and blue elements: Continue reading

How to draw a realistic airplane (part 3)

Change the blur method from “Ring” to “Linear” and set the blur value to relatively low so that the effect is quite subtle. Apply this filter, and you get the mechanism for fixing the propeller blades in motion:
Select the rectangular area around the center of the blade attachment mechanism

Use “Radial Blur” with a relatively low value, the blur method is “Ring”

Apply Radial Blur to create the illusion of movement of the blade attachment mechanism
Step 3
Now we can add the blades themselves. They rotate faster than the central part of the fastening mechanism, so the blur effect should be stronger.

Using a soft brush of light gray color, draw a sharp elongated figure of the rotating blades. Then add a rectangular selection around it. Select the Radial Blur filter, and repeat the previous steps, but this time set a much higher value to enhance the effect. Continue reading

How to draw a realistic airplane (part 1)

1. Research subject
In this article, we will be creating an image of a plane 94 of the US Air Force Fighter Squadron. The simplest studies give us information that during the Second World War the 94th squadron was located at the base of the Air Defense in the Great Lakes region. Therefore, I decided to depict a plane in flight over water.

2. Create a working canvas
To ensure the most accurate display of small details, I chose the largest possible canvas that a computer can process without serious problems – 5000 by 3337 pixels:
3. References
Before we get started, we need to collect all the necessary information. I found on the net an image of a pilot’s flight suit of that time, an airplane coloring scheme, and also an image of a fighter: Continue reading

How to draw a realistic airplane (part 2)

Next, duplicate the circle, paint over black and resize it so that the new circle fits into the outer ring of the gray circle. Then duplicate the black circle again. Resize the copy so that it is slightly smaller than the black circle.

While holding down the Ctrl key, click on the thumbnail of the layer of the last circle to create a selection outline. Without touching the outline, delete the layer with which it was created, and then select the larger, darker circle below. Now press the Delete key to delete the center of the circle and leave only the ring. Repeat this process until you have created all the rings.

Having created all the wheel circles, as in the image of a real airplane, block the layers that make up the landing gear. After that, use a soft round brush to add simple shadows and small areas of rust, as shown in the figure: Continue reading

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Blur up technique or blur background technique on boot (part 3)
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A complete guide to retouching photos and sharing frequencies in Photoshop (part 3)
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Create an amazing british style text effect (part 3)
5. Adding crumbs Step 1 Create a work path from the text, create a new layer below layer 1, name it Crumbs and circle the outline with the Crumbs brush:…